Peaceful Progress Graffiti Exhibition – Light vs Dark

Peaceful Progress and The Boiler House are proud to present… LIGHT VS DARK. With entertainment provided by DUB in the PUB DJ’s, Dan Jose (#Unity) and JSTAR.

A monumental Graffiti Exhibition celebrating 18 years behind a spraycan. The first solo show by Bryce “Best” Davies aka Peaceful Progress, One of Wales’s finest Graffiti Artists. Over 2400sq ft of wall painted at The Boiler House Graffiti Gallery in Canton, Cardiff, plus new work on canvas.

Bryce Davies has been at the heart of Graffiti in Wales for almost 2 decades. The man behind Peaceful Progress, and one of the partners behind The Boiler House and The Bone Yard Studios, Bryce’s work has adorned countless walls across Wales, the UK and abroad over the last 18 years. Although he has participated in many events, exhibitions, festivals and shows, This exhibition is the first solo show of his career, featuring huge murals painted in the gallery, new canvas, and a look at the past.

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Entertainment on the evening will be provided by the mighty DUB IN THE PUB. Good vibes Reggae, Ska and Dub. The original Party-starters providing Off-the-cuff Dancefloor Bangers throughout the night.

Plus… Special guest JSTAR.

Prolific Bass Music Producer & DJ and all round good egg JSTAR played at the original Boiler House venue in Llandaf North 6 years ago at the sold out Fair Play Festival. Nowadays the bass-culture junky does official remixes, (over 60 productions for Madness, DJ Vadim, The Black Seeds, Ari Up, Mark Ronson, Major Lazer & more ); and DJs globally from Mexico to Manchester, Denmark to Delhi. Currently tours with MC Soom T, as well as with Spikey Tee and MC Honey Brown.

“Jstar is an original don. Early DJ that helped inspire the Major Lazer crew! Bad man!” Diplo
“always good to have a J-Star moment … like it.” Daddy G (Massive Attack)

On the evening: Food provided by the Shabbanackle, Visuals, Party Caravan, Giveaways, and a general Block-Rocking atmosphere!

FREE ENTRY – The Boiler House, Unit D, Paper mill Rd, CF11 8DH. 5pm – 1am. Kids welcome early.

Hope to see you there. :)


The Perch… Swansea.

This was a cool little job for the guys at The Perch, a Swansea bar in the centre of town. The original Artwork is by Irish artist Terry Bradley, whose work is very Prohibition era and Docklands-inspired. Normally for these sort of commissions, i’d work on a primed surface, however the bar has some really nice exposed brick and we thought it would be better to incorporate this in to the wall, as it all seemed to fit together really well. This is the second Bradley mural in the space… Was happy to add to the ongoing collection.


Skore’s birthday BBQ

Every now and then you need a good excuse for a road trip. Well, I didn’t have a good excuse, so instead I settled for a mission to Kent for Skore’s birthday BBQ. After spending a day and a half sorting out one of my caravans and getting it roadworthy, then to find out the brake lights were knackered just before leaving for the 4/5 hour journey in the slow lane, I forked out a few quid for a trailer board and off we go. 2 nights sleeping on Skore’s drive like a king. Well, it was either that or cuddle up with Merc or Crok on a sofa, but that wasn’t gonna happen.

Arrived at about 10 pm, to a place where street lights have yet to be invented. A pitch black reverse into Skore’s mini driveway and its beers and bed to warm up for the big day. Happy to say i slept well, and woke up to find out why Skore was happy for me to arrive early, as he’d prepared nothing and clearly needed help. Cue BBQ fixing, shopping, potato salad making, P.A assembling, toilet fixing (or not), and general sorting ready for the 3pm start.

From then on, it all gets a bit hazy. Enter the biggest band of misfits, reprobates, degenerates and drop-outs Graffiti has to offer, with a few family members for good measure. Good food, good company, good music and a top night had by all! We had big plans for painting on Sunday, with plenty of writers all up for the crack. As if that was gonna happen. Instead 2 of us just about managed to squeeze out a bubbly little number in the midst of a hangover, before preparations for the long trip home, back in the slow lane.

Good times! :)

best-skore-graffiti-2016 graffiti-map

Green Man Festival 2016

Another year.. another Green Man festival. This is the 11th year we’ve been involved in the event, and a nice local one for us. Peaceful Progress runs and organises various things alongside our sister company Alternative Events, such as the Solar Stage, The Peaceful Progress cafe and Salon Mirela. The Graffiti walls are our longest standing gig with GM, here’s a few shots of this years wall painted in a continuation of the watercolour / experimental vibe.

detail2 green-man-2016-artwork green-man-mural-2016

Scorpions Kickboxing – Bridgend

Scorpions kickboxing gym in Bridgend recently got in touch to add some colour to their gym which is having a bit of a facelift. A great facility running sessions for all ages, it was a pleasure to come and brighten up the grey walls. I was careful to not make any mistakes… didn’t want to be on the business end of a roundhouse kick.


Sinstars anniversary wall – “25 years of Hell!”

Sinstars crew has recently had its 25th birthday! What better way to celebrate it than to drive for 5 hours, carry tons of paint and ladders and emulsion across the countryside to a wall thats in the middle of no-where, stand in the baking hot sun with no shade for 2 days pulling 12 hour shifts up ladders, not talking to your friends all day or night because you’re either too busy or too knackered, and hoping its there in the morning to get photographs, then drive home for another 5 hours with nothing to show for it other than a few pics on a camera.

That’s what Graffiti is all about! :)

Best-3 crew Keylow Scale-shot-2 Sinstars-joiner Skore

Welsh Millennium centre – Breakin’ the Bay

Breakin’ the Bay is a yearly Hip Hop festival held at The Welsh Millennium centre in Cardiff Bay. This year I was asked to do a drop-in mural workshop all day during the event. 2016 will always be known as the year of the Graffiti Dragon for me, as I’ve done lots of these commissions for people this year, and thats exactly what the good people at BtB wanted. Who am I to complain?! Perfect for photo-opportunities in the heart of tourist-Wales.

Looking forward to next year… :)

Breakin-the-Bay-2016-Graffiti Breakin-the-Bay-2016 Breakin-the-Bay-graffiti-2016

Geometric bird…

Every now and then someone asks you to do something a little different. This wall was one of those occasions… a geometric hummingbird and landscape / skycap was the brief… sounds good! We like it outside of the box….


Really Wild food festival…

Every year we head up to Pwll Caerog farm and the home of Celtic Camping to do some more work around the site. We’ve knocked out about 8 murals up there over the years… inside and outside the barns and courtyards. We are very involved with the legendary annual Blue Lagoon festival which is held at the site every year, and we also represented at the Really Wild food festival which is in its 2nd year. Ian the farmer asked us to create a backdrop to his new sandpit on the site, using the graphics and images from the festivals flyers. We also held Graffiti workshops with some of the kids who attended the 2 day festival, creating work on boards.

Always a pleasure and never a chore, this site is one of our favourite places in Wales.

Really-Wild-Food-festival Really-Wild

Skulls and Roses..

This is a new style I’ve been working on… mixing contrasting imagery such as Flowers and Skulls, but trying to paint them in a different way. Ive been looking at lots of watercolour paintings, and figured I could try and pay homage to the old styles using spray paint. Ive been keeping this wall on the back burner for a while, waiting until I had a good idea to use it for. Hopefully this wall qualifies… If not, well no pain, no gain ;)

Situated at The Bone Yard studios in Cardiff…

The-Bone-Yard-Cardiff Romantic-Death-view Detail-1